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What can you, the service user, expect from SiLS?


"Support to help me change my life"

"Someone to hear what I have to say !"

"Well trained staff"

"To keep safe"

"A service where staff believe it's about me and my life!"

"To choose what I want to do"


You can expect us to:

" provide support that is one to one or in groups, whichever is right for you"

"offer support that is service user led - this means, you choose, we listen"

" have staff that are  trained and have on-going training"

"ask you how you think we could do better and how we can improve"

"keep you as safe as possible"

"work with you to include  people in your life you love and know best"

"support you to make sure you have access to a range of services in your area"

"support you to help you feel part of your own community"

"And so much more.................."

Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities is about making things fair for all people and everyone should have the same chances as each other.

Diversity simply means differences. In our society, people are all different, mainly because of their race, culture, religion, age, disabilities and more...............

Diversity can also mean being yourself. Each individual has their own uniqueness, and understanding this allows us to  respect each other for who we are.

Therefore as people are all different in some way, everyone should:

  • have the right to be included
  • have the right to be treated fairly
  • have the right to make choices

SiLS provides services that are fair to you, the service user. SiLS is also fair to staff and supports them to have their rights too.  SiLS is committed  to equal opportunities and diversity


Hi, I'm Josie - I have been with SiLS for 10 years. I am transgender and I have been Josie for 4 years. Since I have been Josie I have been much more confident.

My support worker helped me join a women’s group, we are going to do a 5 mile walk for people with learning difficulties.

When I first started I wasn’t very independent, I have come a long way. I have learnt quite a few skills, I didn’t used to know about cleaning very well but now I clean my flat all the time. My support workers remind me what to do. I have also lost 6 stone and I am very happy about this. I have been to a SiLS policy meeting and it was very helpful because I gave my opinions.