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How we check and improve (Quality Assurance)

SiLS is always improving. We improve the quality of our service by checking what we do and looking at  'quality standards'. This helps us work towards excellence.
Our monitoring (what we check)


Our Housing

Housing MUST meet minimum quality and safety standards.  SiLS  also builds on these minimum standards- aiming for high quality housing from both SiLS and our partner landlords.

Find out how we monitor our housing

Our support services.

SiLS checks the standard of support work. We  check out our staff teams; time management, relationship building, enthusiasm, active listening skills, respect. We also check the levels of successful outcomes. If success has not be achieved, we will monitor the records of why these have not been achieved.

Find out how we monitor our Support Services

Equal Opportunities and Diversity.

SiLS continually makes sure that our policies and our practise are fair, and that we do not discriminate against anyone, regardless of who they are.

Find out how we monitor Equal Opportunities & Diversity