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How to get OUR serviceS

There are a number of different ways to get a service from SiLS, whether it is for housing and support, housing care and support or just for support alone (floating support).  Here are the best ways:

  1. Referring yourself or asking your family or advocate to refer you
  2. Going to Social Services, Housing Services, Citizens Advice Bureau or another service and asking to be referred
  3. Going to your health worker or your probation officer
  4. Being referred through the Primary Care Trust
  5. Going to the Supporting People HUB (Torbay only)
SILS-GETTIN-GHTE-SERVICE SiLS will carry out a 'needs assessment' with you to find out what you want and need. Other people involved in your life, including professionals, may have an opinion too and so all information obtained is used to help with making a decision about whether the SiLS service is the right one for you.

To get the service you must:

    • be over the age of 18 
    • be a vulnerable adult (i.e. have a learning difficulty or an on-going mental health issue)
    • need and want at least 5 hours of housing related support a week, if you want a home with SiLS
    • need and want at least 2 hours of housing related support if you have your own home and want a floating support service
    • want and need the support offered to you
    •  be able to afford the rent

You may not be able to have a service from SiLS if we cannot manage the risk. However, we always  try our best to manage risks, and we always try to find reasons to give you a service and not reasons to refuse you.

There may be a waiting list to get a service from SiLS depending on where you live.


If you are not offered a service with SiLS and you think this is unfair, you can appeal. If your appeal is turned down, SiLS will give you advice on getting another service that may suit you better.