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SiLS housing is monitored using a variety of methods that ensure minimum standards, encourage honesty and openness, and allows for open discussion. SiLS intend to increase standards by encouraging staff and service users to suggest improvements.

SiLS operate a property inspection schedule that consists of inspections to each property owned or managed by SiLS The inspections are carried out; every six months, when we acquire a new property and at the end of a tenancy.  

An annual report of the overall standard grade awarded during each inspection is made. Grades are awarded from A to D- with A being the highest grade. We aim for an annual improvement year on year in the overall standard average grade.

SiLS property inspectors are encouraged to grade “harshly” and to record all defects, however minor, and to suggest ways to improve standards in each property, at any time.

All staff members are encouraged to report all defects promptly and to also suggest ways to improve standards in each property they visit, at any time.

A weekly check of communal areas and communal gardens (where applicable) is made to ensure safety and cleanliness. Action recommended is carried out promptly.
An annual questionnaire is sent to service users and partner agencies to seek views and feedback to enable SiLS to improve standards.

An annual audit and report of similar properties available locally. This is made up using; information gathered by the staff team in the normal course of their duties (visiting other providers properties), phone contact with local letting agents, questionnaires to other agencies.

The information audited and reported will be:  
•    Rent levels locally,
•    Size of rooms
•    Location compared to rent levels
•    Standard of accommodation

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