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Equal Opportunities and Diversity.

SiLS Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy shows how we check that we are being fair to everyone involved in the service, and those wanting a service from SiLS.  If you would like to know the meaning of equal opportunities and diversity, click here and scroll down the page.

We have:

An Annual Diversity Report. This report shows the numbers of our staff and service user groups based on which (if any) traditionally disadvantaged groups they belong to ( traditionally disadvantaged groups are people who are often not treated in the same fair way as other groups of people). These numbers are compared against local census figures (survey of the population) and other local information. This is to make sure that our staff teams and service user groups match the different types of people that make up the local population.

An Annual Refusal Report. This report shows the numbers and the reasons for refusals of service user applications. These numbers are checked and looked at in detail to make sure SiLS is not discriminating against anyone.

Staff training. All staff  have equality and diversity awareness training.

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