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How We Check Our Support Services.

SiLS checks and improves the standard of each staff member’s support work. The results of the monitoring and improvement information is shared with staff members during supervision, appraisal and  one to one sessions with their line manager. Information that is not just about an individual (i.e. general improvements that can be made) is shared during staff meetings.

This information is shared every six months in the ways above. Information is collected in the following ways:

Checking out visits and phone calls.

These are on-going, to make sure that time is managed well within the staff team. Each staff member has a minimum of one visit/ phone call every six months. Team Leaders carry out these visits/ phone calls. The visits/ calls may be made at any time from the start of the support visit, through to the end of the visit to make sure that support workers are where they should be.  Visits/ calls are not normally arranged beforehand, support Worker expect these to happen anytime. Records are held in confidential staff files.

Shadowing (watching how staff work)

These visits are carried out continually to check and make sure that the different ways of supporting are correct. Team leaders and chosen senior support workers, shadow staff members to collect information about their work. The staff member shadowing watches and then writes down information after the visit using a checklist to record what has been seen. Shadowing sessions are normally arranged beforehand.

The information collected includes ways to improve, and is fed back to staff members during supervision sessions and also  during annual appraisals. This information is also used for staff training plans and policy reviews.

Checking Support Plans.

You are the service user and therefore the support plan is yours. Our plans list a range of steps to complete so that you can reach your chosen SMART goals. Click on Planning Support and scroll down the page to find out the meaning of SMART.

Our plans must work well for you. This is very important, so we check this by:

  • Encouraging you to be really involved in making and using your plan as much as possible
  • Encouraging you to read the plan (with support from your Support Worker or an advocate if needed), to make sure it is accurate and says what you want and need
  • By presenting your plan in the best way for you to understand it, and for you to get the most from it
  • By supporting you to make your plan realistic, and make sure that your goals can be achieved

All checking is usually carried out every 3 months or earlier if needed.The results are used during staff supervision and appraisal to help with staff development. Random checks are also made every 6 months.

    Satisfaction Questionnaires

    You, the service user,  are asked to fill in questionnaires every 6 months. The information from these is used for staff training plans, supervisions, appraisals and policy reviews.

    Staff members are asked to keep checking  their own standard of work as follows:

    • By being involved in policy development meetings to make sure they know about SiLS policies, and any changes that have been made
    • Getting and accepting opinions from line managers in a positive manner, both during supervision, appraisal and in other discussions
    • Understanding the importance of checking support plans and using this to check out their standard of support work


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