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About Joe

About Joe

Joe  is 32 years and moved into a flat of his own two and a half years ago

Joe, who has a learning disability, now also has a job and a social life. This means a new-found independence that had not been available to him before. Joe used to live at home with his mother, before moving into a residential home, where he stayed for four years. Joe was then referred to SILS.

“I was not especially happy where I was living,” said Joe. “I had to put up with other people’s noise and their ways of living and I have to be back [at home] at certain times and go to bed at set times.”

Joe was taught a range of skills, including how to shop for himself, how to manage his own money and to budget, how to cook, to do his laundry, safety in the home, catching a bus, using the local library and much more.
“I worked hard towards my goal of living independently. I began to feel I had some control of my life and my confidence grew and grew,” said Joe.

When Joe was ready, his SILS support team helped him find a flat of his own in Newton Abbot.
“It felt strange moving in,” explains Joe. “I did not know where everything was. My mum stayed the first night and the next night on my own was scary!”
“The support staff are fantastic. My confidence has grown and I have continued to learn and add to my skills. I pay my rent and bills by myself and with support look after my flat, cook and do my laundry. I run my own disco at the local club and go out and socialise when I want to” said Joe.

The Adult Training Unit also helped Joe get voluntary work with a local waste recycling company. Now Joe receives a salary for his work there and no longer receives income support.
“I now have a girlfriend, enjoy socialising and visiting places by myself. I go on the bus to Brixham to visit my dad and I go shopping in Torquay and Paignton. Life is pretty good now - I wish I’d done this a long time ago!