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All About Us

The service was set up in 2000 to provide support services to those with a learning difficulty and/ or a severe and enduring mental health problem.  

On leaving the service, you, the service user should:

  • be more independent in your own home
  • be able to manage daily living tasks and better manage your home
  • know more about lifestyle choices and have better connection with supportive friends and family.
  • feel better about yourself and have more self esteem and confidence.

Our Staff

Staff at SiLS support you to improve your life. Our staff believe that it's all about you,  what you want, what you need.  Your life - you can change it!.


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Our Service Users

What can you, the service user, expect from SiLS? Support to live an ordinary life? Staff who listen to you?  After all, the service is for you ! It's your service....


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How to get our Services

Do you think you might benefit from a service from SiLS? Do you know someone who might benefit from a service from SiLS?


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How we Improve

SiLS is always working to improve the service to reach an excellent standard in everything that we provide.


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