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We believe - It's your life- you can change it ! - with support from SiLS.

There are many ways to plan for support. SiLS uses up to date planning methods and materials to support you to reach your goals and to  'reach for your dreams......................'


Our Support Plan

This is a tool that we use for working with you. It measures the changes you make to your life.  Our plans are usually appropriate for all service users within SiLS.

If you think about a day in your life, we use this for supporting you to to choose which areas you want to improve or change. The support plan is written down, but it is a visual way of showing you your life, as it is now.

Our plan is intended to be a motivating way for you and your support worker to work together. This should help with motivation to improve your life and also to be very focussed in support sessions.

When you can see visual improvements after completing a 2nd plan, this can act as a powerful boost to your self esteem and to your professional relationship with your support worker.

SiLS offers housing related support, but it is your choice, and you choose which area of your life you want to make changes to depending on what you feel would benefit you most. For example SiLS creates support plans around:

  • Alcohol dependency
  • Family issues (for service users who are parents)
  • Mental health and recovery.
  • Learning Difficulties (for service users who want to manage this better)
  • Autism and Asperger syndrome (for service users who want to manage this better)
  • Being an older person
  • Looking after health ( for service users who have long term physical health issues)
  • Work (if a service user's main focus is to be employed)

As our support plan is visual, it shows how things are for you right now. It shows which areas are OK or good and which areas you may want to make improvements or changes to during your  time with the SiLS service.

It prompts thoughts and discussion such as:filling-out-a-form

  • Where you might want to get to by the next review
  • What needs to change in order to get to that point?
  • What needs to be done to make that change happen
  • Who will do those things?
  • Would it help to set a deadline for these things?
  • Is help or support needed from other people?
  • How and when a support plan is completed

Your original assessed needs are used as a guide for your support plan, but you decide on an area of your life that is really important to you and that you wish to improve or change. SiLS believes that it is your life, your choice and so we take this as the basis for your first support plan.

The first support plan is completed as early as possible after the start of the service, but allowing enough time for the support worker to build up some basic knowledge about you and to get to know you a little. Therefore a plan is normally completed 3-4 weeks after the service begins.

  • Afterwards, plans are completed regularly for the duration of the service.
  • For short term services (up to 2 years), a plan is usually completed every 3 months.
  • For long term services (over 2 years), a plan is usually be completed every 6 months.
  • Finally, when you leave the service, outcomes are recorded to show the progress you have made since the service started.



The Action Plan

A completed support plan helps us both develop a plan of action so that you can start making the changes to your life. The goals you choose to reach on your action plan are S.M.A.R.T. This means they have been designed for you to succeed because they are:

  • Specific (to the point)
  • Measurable (we can clearly see each step along the way)
  • Attainable (achieveable by you)
  • Realistic (not beyond your reach)
  • Timely (there is an date for each step along the way)

Reviewing the support plan

Support plans are reviewed in line with goals recorded on action plans. As all goals are SMART, it is usual that your plan is reviewed approximately every three months. As time goes on, you will see on your support plan the areas of your life that are changing, how much you have progressed, and what you may wish to work towards next.

Your life - you can change it !