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Supported Independent Living Scheme (SiLS) is a long established provider of housing and housing-related support services to help people sustain their accommodation in the community. We help adults to live ordinary lives and as independently as possible.

We offer housing related support to vulnerable adults who have:

learning disabilities

mental health issues

autism / Asperger syndrome

acquired brain injury

complex needs

substance misuse and offending histories

young people and people fleeing domestic abuse

SiLS is  experienced and has a  well-regarded reputation with both service users and commissioners in Bristol, Bath, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Devon and Torbay.


SiLS offers two types of service:

Housing with Support. - We provide vulneralbe adults with their own home and give support to enable them to plan their life. Homes can be for one person, people who want to share, couples or families.

Floating Support. - For adults who already have their own home, but need support, SiLS can offer support in the same way. Floating support is available in Bristol and ???.